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Evaporative Cooling

What is Evaporative Cooling?

Ducted evaporative cooling provides whole house cooling through a network of outlets located in the ceiling, and is one of the healthiest ways to cool your home by replacing stale old air with clean fresh air many times an hour.

An Evaporative Cooling system includes a number of essential components:

  • The cooler itself – which is located externally on the roof.
  • A dropper – which connects/runs from the cooler to the ducting internally.
  • Insulated ducts that carry air from the cooler Vents (also known as registers) that spread air into individual rooms.
  • A thermostat.

How does Evaporative Cooling work?

The air inside your home is never re-circulated which means smells and airborne germs are expelled. But why just benefit from evaporative cooling during summer? Simply turn on your fan and you can remove stale air from your home in the middle of winter too.

Living in Canberra, your home is closed up for majority of the year to keep the heat in during the colder months. Evaporative cooling requires a certain amount of windows or doors open to allow it to circulate the air, therefore allowing you to enjoy to freeness and freshness of the open house.

Why Choose Veetemp?

We supply and install only the very best systems including Breezair, Braemar and Coolair which are all manufactured by Seeley International and have a 7-year warranty. Subject to Terms & Conditons.

Veetemp are a Climate Master of Seeley international. Which means, when it comes to expertise in heating and cooling, there is no one better. That’s because Climate Masters of Seeley International members are trained to deliver industry leading technology and service excellence for our customers. Gaining a Climate Masters of Seeley International membership is not easy. Only those who can comply with the rigorous requirements and are working to industry leading quality standards are eligible.

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