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Duct Replacement

Veetemp is here to also help with ducting repairs or replacements. Veetemp can identify the ductwork that has damaged and replace only the sections of it that needs replacement or replace the entire ductwork with new ducted system if more of the ductwork needs replacement.

We can add extra vents to your existing ducted system if you want one, or move existing vents to some other place if they are blocking your arrangements in the house, or we can also close off the vents that you don’t need.

We can also setup zoning system to your existing ducted system to block the heat from some part of the house if you are not using at times which gives you more heat where you live the most, which in turn saves more of your dollars in cost of heating your home.

Heating and cooling ducts are installed in such a way that they are out of sight, so when they stop working, we hardly take notice until the air flow is very poor.

Many ducted systems have problems over the years; most of these problems are caused by rats, possums, cats and other creatures. They chew their way into the duct work in search of a cosy home, leaving the ducts damaged. You can’t see them but you might hear or smell them. The damage left behind is sometimes extensive, and generally all ducting will require replacement. Veetemp specialise in finding these problems and providing solutions to fix them.

Other animals like cats and dogs sit on the ducts to keep them warm, leaving the ducts squashed and restricting the amount of air flow through those ducts. Sometimes it is people that move around the areas which the ducting is installed in and causing damage to them. Other times due to poor installation or due to vents being far from the heating unit there is less airflow in some parts of the house.

At Veetemp we specialise in identifying all kinds of ducts problems and fixing them – even if that means having to install an entirely new duct system!

To book in a service call you can phone us on 02 6280 9006 or by completing the form on this page.

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