Ducted Reverse Cycle Systems

The perfect solution for the whole home, no matter what the size.

Consisting of an indoor and outdoor unit, the indoor unit is placed within the roof space and is connected to a ducting system leading to strategically placed vents inside your home. Warm or cool air is circulated to all rooms via this system and can be set up to operate in different zones, saving money on energy costs. The outdoor unit is located against your house, either on a poly slab or on wall brackets.

When considering your needs for air conditioning, our experience – which stretches to more than 20 years – is that ducted air conditioning offers greater benefits to the user than other air conditioning solutions. There is a system to suit all needs, and reverse cycle air conditioning systems have the advantage of heating, as well as cooling: comfortable in the summer, cosy in the winter. Some of the benefits of ducted air conditioning include:

  • One system that heats and cools.
  • One ductwork system which in turn means fewer vents.
  • Cheaper to run if you have solar panels.

The most important thing when considering a reverse cycle air conditioner is to size the unit appropriately for your home.  At Veetemp we are very thorough and believe getting the sizing correct will make all the difference to the comfort of your home.

To estimate the amount of air conditioning you will need for your daytime living area, you will first need to find out its area; you will need to find the length and width of each room and multiply them. Then, you have to add the area of each room together for the total. This figure needs to be in square metres, and in Canberra, due to our cold winters, be sure to add an additional 10 square meters.

What you do next will depend on your ceiling height:

  • If your ceiling is 2.4m high, you will need to multiply the daytime living area (m²) by 150 (watts).
  • If your ceiling is 2.7m high, you will need to multiply the daytime living area (m²) by 160 (watts).
  • If your ceiling is 3m high, you will need to multiply the daytime living area (m²) by 175 (watts).

These calculations will give you the amount of watts you need, however please note that we always size up, as per the example below.

Example – Your daytime living area is 100 square metres and your ceiling height is 2.4 metres

110 x 150 = 16,500 = 18kw Reverse Cycle Air Conditioner

Efficient systems with clever technology.

We supply and install a range of Reverse Cycle ducted Systems that have clever features coupled with a stylish design to complement today’s modern homes. Ducted reverse cycle air conditioning models are great for keeping you cool in summer, but they are also one of the most cost effective ways of warming your home in winter.

These systems are designed to cool or heat multiple rooms at once and feed refrigerated air through a series of ducts and vents in your home maintaining uniform temperatures throughout. Inverter technology means ducted reverse cycle air conditioners are now more economical to operate and quieter to run than conventional units. They can handle greater extremes in temperature, are smoother and more stable in operation and reach the desired temperature more quickly.

We supply and install only the very best systems including Breezair, Braemar and Coolair which are all manufactured by Seeley International and have a 7-year warranty. Subject to Terms & Conditions.

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