Duct Replacement and Repair

When did you last check the ducting of your heating or cooling system?

Veetemp can ensure your ducting is configured correctly to maximise airflow, as well as ensuring your whole house is an even temperature. We can also advise on the condition of your ductwork. Old, ripped ducting can be a fire hazard and will significantly reduce the efficiency of your system. Ducting is the backbone to any ducted heating and cooling system. If it’s not mapped out correctly it can greatly reduce the airflow and comfort of your home.

One of the most important steps in completing a new ductwork system is to balance the air flow. This means testing airflow pressure and temperature of each outlet in each room and balancing them according to the size of the room and location.

For Example, if you have a bedroom on the north side of your home that is warmed up by the sun during winter, we would reduce the airflow from this room and increase it in a south facing room. Or, if you have two small bedrooms and two large bedrooms, we would slightly increase the airflow for the two larger bedrooms to create an equal balance. Most companies won’t do this but at Veetemp we will ensure the whole house is a consistent temperature.

At Veetemp we also do repairs or complete duct replacements. We can identify ductwork that has been damaged and replace either the sections or the entire ductwork if required. This ensures every litre of air that is expelled from your heating or cooling system enters your home. If your ducting is over 15 years old, this could greatly reduce the amount of air entering your home, thus not creating a comfortable environment and in turn, costing you more in energy consumption due to the increased fan speed of your system (due to less airflow) or the increased temperature.

We get many enquiries from customers with older homes stating that they feel their heating or cooling system isn’t working. We generally find ductwork with holes in it or that the material has perished, which will need replacing. Sometimes the ductwork insulation has peeled off the inner core, and the warm/cool heat that your system expelled has not entered your home at the temperature it left the system, due to no thermal value in the ductwork.

We supply and install only the very best systems including Breezair, Braemar and Coolair which are all manufactured by Seeley International and have a 7-year warranty. Subject to Terms & Conditions.

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When did you last have your ductwork checked?

Many ducted systems have problems over the years often caused by rats and possums, chewing their way into the duct work in search of a cosy home. To book in a service call you can phone us on (02) 6280 9006

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